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The Copernicus Legacy -
The Interactive Audiobook

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The Copernicus Legacy – The Interactive Audiobook | Out now!

The bestselling series, The Copernicus Legacy written by Tony Abbott finds it's way to a smart speaker, or smartphone near you! The Copernicus Legacy: The Interactive Audiobook takes you on a journey across the world, and through time!

The Sparky Awards 2021 – Results

The 2021 Sparkys, hosted by the team at Voice Spark Live have finally announced their winner!

The Sparkys is a fan-driven competition where developers can submit their skills to be viewed and voted on! Check out the results by clicking on the above image!


The Fabella Creator Game Jam – 2021

Fabella by Wanderword is sponsoring a game jam contest as part of the Voice of Gaming Conference. This is a game jam where you'll create an interactive audio game or story that uses speech recognition to control the gameplay/narrative.

Voice Spark Live / Halloween Special

Voice Spark Live | Poptales very own Liam Erven and Nick Sawka, alongside Emily Banzhaf and Ben Falvo explore some super-spooky Alexa Skills to celebrate the Halloween season!

Wizard’s Brew – Halloween-inspired fun on Amazon Alexa

This Halloween, Amazon Alexa users will be whisked away to the world of Wizard's Brew! Available now, Wizard's Brew is the latest release from Toronto gaming studio The Parlor Walls, creators of acclaimed Amazon Alexa skills including Detective X and Nine Lives Trivia.

The 2021 Sparkys

The yearly Sparky Awards are upon us. Hosted by Voice Spark Live, they have shortlisted the top 20 Voice Skills/ Actions of 2021. Voting for your favorite title has now opened! The Sparky Awards are brought to you by the team at Voice Spark Live.

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Poptale Weekly – Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is an exciting, multi-mission interactive adventure set in the distant future. You choose your missions and your side quests as you make the choices that bring fame, fortune, or disaster. If you have an Alexa with a display, the game is filled with stunning visuals. During gameplay, you will create a character, adventure through space, battle foes, explore new worlds, and, seek out mankind's original homeworld.

Just say “Alexa Open Lost Worlds” to get started.

Poptale Weekly – Last Light in the Dark

A choose-your-own-adventure game about an unexplained phenomenon in space known as the expansion. You are a soldier called upon to save the galaxy from this new threat, though saving yourself might be just as difficult...

Just say “Alexa Open Last Light in the Dark” to get started.

Poptale Weekly – Shield Spell Sword

Choose between using your Shield, Spell, or Sword in this rock, paper, scissors fantasy adventure. Battle monsters like horrible green slimes, undead warriors, and a great green scaled Dragon. Can you fight your way through, become a champion and save the kingdom or will you perish in an epic skirmish?

Introducing Keskodai – The Starfinder Iconics

In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the Android Operative Iseph - to Quig, the Ysoki Mechanic. Below, we introduce Keskodai, the Shirren Mystic. Keskodai always looks for creative solutions, utilizing his mystic, magical powers.

Poptale Weekly – Escape from 63rd and Wallace

In this edition of Poptale Weekly, we take a look at Escape from 63rd and Wallace . It is an audio adventure that takes the listener on a journey to Chicago in 1893, following Charlene, a young woman searching for her sister. This horror-themed story is full of puzzles that you will need to solve in order to succeed. Enjoy brain tickling challenges and frightening encounters, full of twists and turns, secret discoveries, and perilous ends.

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