Alexa hits the road – partners with Chrysler

By January 24, 2021February 8th, 2021LAB
Amazon is making it easier for automakers to bring voice assistants to vehicle by introducing their new service; “Alexa Custom Assistant” – which will allow automakers and device manufacturers to develop their own digital in-vehicle assistants, built on the foundations of Alexa voice-enabled technology.
Fiat Chrysler will be the first manufacturer to use the service to develop and integrate its own digital assistant for select vehicles. In addition to Fiat Chrylser, Amazon has also struck up partnerships with General Motors, Ford, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan.
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While it will be based on Amazon Technology, vehicle manufacturers will be able to personalize their brands digital assistant by setting unique voices, skills, capabilities and ‘invoke’ words.

The partnerships with automakers will allow them to overcome some of the inherent challenges that comes with building a digital assistant technology from scratch, by taking advantage of the Amazon Alexa’s foundations. It will also allow car makers to take advantage of over 10,000 skills already available.

This comes as the next step in Amazons plans to advance integration of the Alexa functionality into the automaker space, following on the heels of last years integration of Fire TV into back-seat TV’s.

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