Wanji – Interactive Audio VS Covid-19

By February 5, 2021September 19th, 2021NEWS

In the global south of the world, a new Interactive Audio Game; Wanji – is helping to educate hundreds of thousands of people in some of the most remote areas of the world.

The game is currently launched in Nepal, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Madagascar – areas where many people survive hand-to-mouth and health systems are ill-prepared for a pandemic, but mobile phones are universally accessible.

The Interactive Audio Game itself is based on a “Choose Your Own Adventure” system, where the player calls a free telephone number to get started. They are then prompted with a life or death decision; “You meet a friend who you have not seen for awhile, to hug them and shake their hand – Press 1. To stand back and offer a distanced greeting – Press 2.”.

If the wrong decision is made, it results in dire consequences for the player character and the game ends.

Wanji cover image

Wanji looks to bridge the educational gap regarding Covid-19 in the developing world by taking advantage of widespread mobile technology within the region. Opening access to critical information to vulnerable communities in the form of Interactive Audio. By using the form of Interactive Audio, it also helps overcome educational limitations and illiteracy.

Wanji is free for consumers to access – which is essential in its ability to reach the most impoverished communities and remote regions.

Wanji roadmap

So far, Wanji has been implemented in 12 countries and have received more than 2.5million calls. With the plan to roll out the service to several more Countries in the coming future.

Wanji was created by the partnership of the non-profit Peripheral Vision International and the mobile communications platform Viamo.

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