Cerence Tour Guide – Bringing Voice AI to your road trip

By February 22, 2021September 19th, 2021NEWS

Cerence, the global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the mobility world has recently introduced Cerence Tour Guide – a unique, voice driven application for automotive assistants that brings “professional, guided tour content directly into the car”.

With combined technology from Viator and Road.Travel, Cerence Tour Guide grants the user insights into the history and geography of the area that they are driving through, as well as bringing additional functionality such as booking restaurents while travelling.

“We’re excited to connect our marketplace of experiences to travelers using Cerence Tour Guide,” said Sarah Dines, Vice President of Business Development for Viator. “This is the first time Viator’s marketplace will be available through a voice-enabled system, and we’re excited to work with Cerence to help travelers explore their destinations, particularly as more travelers take to the road for vacation.”

“When we started Road.Travel, our mission was to make road trip planning as easy as downloading a movie. Thanks to Cerence Tour Guide, we can now bring the curated road trip experience into connected cars, with safety and simplicity as our top priorities,” said Nikita Dedik, Founder and CEO, Road.Travel.

Cerence Tour Guide comes equipped with two modes;

Tour Mode allows the user to plan their journey in advance, from sigh-seeing trips, to multi-day experiences.

Explore Mode is a more casual experience that dynamically sets points of interest along the route of the journey, providing information like arts, history, sports – as well as allowing the user to set the amount and frequency of notifications they’d like to receive.

“As usage of AI-powered voice technologies grows in the car, we are always looking for new ways that we can add value to the in-car experience for OEMs and their drivers,” said Nils Lenke, VP & GM, Cerence Applications.

Not only does this further promote voice driven AI within the motor space, but this also opens up new potential revenue streams for OEM’s. By allowing users of Tour Guide to book experiences like restaurants, museums and other ticketed attractions directly from the automotive assistant.

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