Review: Journey 3000

By February 22, 2021June 2nd, 2021REVIEW

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The first interactive audio adventure based on a Bantam classic Choose Your Own Adventure® book written and adapted for voice by the creator of the concept and author of the first book in the original series, Edward Packard.

“Journey 3000 is reimagining of an old choose your own adventure book from 1987! The narration is professional sounding and the story tracks your progress in order to remind you to come back to explore more of this world. I have played this about 4 times now spending close to 30 mins each time. This is a must enable!” – Voice Spark Live

Alexa, open Journey 3000

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Over all review (4.4 out of 5 Sparks)

Sound & FX (4 out of 5 Sparks)

Replayability: (4 out of 5 Sparks)

Graphics & Multimodal: (4 out of 5 Sparks)

Conversational Design: (5 out of 5 Sparks)

Theme: (5 out of 5 Sparks)

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