Big Hit makes a Big Investment

By March 1, 2021September 19th, 2021NEWS

Big Hit Entertainment, the South Korean Company behind the mega-stars BTS have recently invested 4 billion won (approximately $3.6million) into the AI Duio company Supertone who produces voice synthesis and real-time voice enhancement technology.

Supertone had found its way into the public sphere with its recent demonstration of their technology on the South Korean TV show Competition of the Century: AI vs Human which we previously published an article regarding. Their technology combines dynamic synthetic voice and AI learning to produce content such as famed Freddie Mercury singing in South Korean.

Supertone Chief Operating Officer Choi Hee-doo, claimed that Supertone’s tech is now capable of mimicking the artist’s voice well enough to pass off as the real thing. We’ll leave that to you to decide! 

CEO of Big Hit Headquarters Park Ji Won commented, “We look forward to the synergy between Big Hit, which has strong intellectual property, and Supertone, which has the technology. Through close cooperation between the two companies, we will work hard to create digital content that can comfort and warm the hearts of fans.”


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