Theater comes to the home!

By April 9, 2021September 19th, 2021NEWS

Australlian theatre Company partners with Perth-based company Audioplay to launch a screenfree interactive audio adventure that brings the excitement of theater to the home.

Sun Runners is a six-part audio series, developed through a collaboration with Australian theater company Windmill Theater and Perth-based Audioplay.

The interactive audio experience blends elements of live theater, gaming and interactive play by engaging the user in a screen free experience, with using household objects as props.

The Listeners take the role of one of two young Sun Runners, Olli and Gamma. Together they must build a spaceship, fight off aliens, partake in exciting adventures and overcome challenges and tribulations as they explore space.

Currently there are six episodes, where household items are mixed with imagination to create a physicality to the experience. Do our two Sun Runners need to steer their spacecraft through an asteroid field? – Well two pillows from the sofa make the perfect steering wheels. Perhaps you need to wrap yourself in a cloak as you adventure a tundra like planet – best grab that blanket, engage your imagination and wrap it around your shoulders.

Actor Antoine Jelk voices Sun Runner Gamma. Photo: Sia Duff

Sun Runners will be introduced to schools in South Australia for free and will be accompanied by a digital study guide, which includes course links and lesson plan ideas. The public can also access the first episode for free via the Audioplay app (available on iOS and Android).
Although all Audioplay experiences require a smartphone, it is recommended to keep the experience “screenless” and participants are advised to keep the device in their pocket. The intention is all about audio and imagination!