The Bard’s Tale in your Smart Speaker

By April 15, 2021September 19th, 2021NEWS

Raise your swords and don your armour – Wanderword and Brian Fargo’s inXile Entertainment join forces to bring the iconic The Bard’s Tale fantasy role-playing game to the Interactive Audio landscape.

In 1985, Computer Gamers were singing the praise of The Bard’s Tale. At the time bringing unprecedented 3D graphics and what was groundbreaking animated character portraits set the standard for other RPG’s at the time. The reception of The Bard’s Tale was critically positive, with popular magazine ‘Computer Gaming World’s’ describing The Bard’s Tale as “Not to be missed” and ‘Compute!s Gazette’ praising “its depth of concept and brilliance of execution”.

Now in 2021, Wanderword, a pioneer in audio entertainment, has signed a contract with Brian Fargo’s inXile Entertainment to produce an interactive audio version of the iconic The Bard’s Tale fantasy role-playing game.

“The Bard’s Tale was a series of games that embraced an early medium and entertained a generation. I‘m excited to see Wanderword take the beloved franchise into the new medium of audio and voice recognition games. The Bard’s Tale world was a deeper experience thanks to our many hours spent reading the great fantasy novels, it makes sense to reconnect with the storytelling we do in our minds. I am confident they are the right partner to make this version of Bard’s Tale a truly unique interactive audio experience.” Brian Fargo, InXile Entertainment.

There are shining parallels between the roots of the video game industry in 1985 and the roots of the interactive audio industry in 2021. As Wanderword aims to make an impact on the burgeoning interactive audio landscape and hoping to embody the same creative spirit and inventive vision that Brian Fargo showed in helping to create The Bard’s Tale.

We will be keeping you updated on development as production is to begin shortly by the Sweden, Boden based Polar Night Studio. So keep your eyes on this space for future updates and news!

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