Starfinder secures double awards

By April 20, 2021September 19th, 2021NEWS

Paizo (Starfinder) secures a grand slam, picking up Voice Experience of the Year & Amazon Alexa Developer of the Year.

The team behind Starfinder, Paizo – secured two awards at this years The Project Voice Awards. Picking up both the Voice Experience of the Year, as well as Developer of the Year – further cementing Starfinder’s position as a ‘Flagship’ entertainment title for the Amazon Alexa.

This comes as no surprise, with Starfinder being seen by many players as the benchmark for new entertainment and game skills released through Amazon Alexa.

In addition to the reviews submitted by users through the Amazon Skill page, many media outlets have also presented positive feedback, not only from the release day of Starfinder, but as Paizo have continued to release further content. These outlets include Variety, CNET and The Manual to name a few.

“It represents quite the experiment for Amazon, using Alexa as a vehicle for storytelling instead of a just a convenient household tool. The script, Amazon says, exceeds 745 pages and took a combined 125 hours in the studio to record all of the possible outcomes, resulting in up to 13 hours of gameplay.” – Variety
“After only a brief foray into Starfinder, I’m excited to play more. Early combat is challenging, characters are compelling and the world is well-developed. The space station feels vibrant, thanks to the writing and sound design. Most importantly, I could see myself coming back for more episodes as the intrigue continues to grow.” – CNET
“But what exactly is this thing? If you tossed a podcast, an audio book, a sci-fi movie, and a role-playing game into the blender together, Starfinder is what you’d get when you poured out your concoction. The audio adventure is genuinely interactive, with the program regularly pausing as you are asked to make choices that will directly change the story.” – The Manual

The success of Starfinder can be attributed to the high quality of the production, featuring such renown Voice Actors as Nathan Fillion and Laura Bailey. As well as its position as an ‘experiment’ for Amazon – acting as a proof of concept that an interactive and entertaining audio adventure can be successful on the Amazon Alexa platform.

Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Halo, Destiny) the voice of Garvin in Starfinder.

Laura Bailey (The Last of Us, FFXIII, Persona 4) the voice of Clara-247 in Starfinder.

The free-to-play pilot episode of Starfinder, “Scoundrels in the Spike,” debuted in December and was well-received by Alexa users, with a 4.6/5 stars rating. Following this there are now 6 episodes;

Episode 101: Scoundrels in the Spike – 30 minutes
Episode 1: Gangs of Absalom Station – 90 minutes
Episode 2: Battle in the Void – 90 minutes
Episode 3: Ghost Ship – 90 minutes
Episode 4: System Overload – 90 minutes
Episode 5: Drift Phantom – 90 minutes
Episode 6: Hostile Takeover – 90 minutes

The pilot – Episode 101: Scoundrels in the Spike is free to play, with each additional episode being purchasable for $1.99 – or $9.99 for the full season. It’s super straight forward to start your adventure in Starfinder; simply use the invocation ” Alexa, Open Starfinder ” to your Alexa device, or through the Alexa mobile app.