Rosemary’s Fate – An experiment in Dynamic Audio

By July 3, 2021August 22nd, 2021NEWS
Put on your headphones and play! Rosemary’s Fate is an exciting experiment in the world of Audio Games. You get to Explore a mysterious world that constantly surprises you with scenes painted by sounds and music. Using Dynamic Audio to navigate and interact with the world of Rosemary’s Fate.

Rosemary’s Fate is a newly released exciting experiment in the world of Audio Games that sets itself apart with it’s utilization of binaural audio. Developed by Polish studio Game The Same, Rosemary’s Fate itself is intended to be played with an ‘eyes closed’ approach. Through the combination of binaural audio and the players own spatial awareness, the world building and gameplay takes place in a non-visually represented world.

As there is no narrator or visual representation in Rosemary’s Fate to tell the player what surrounds them, you must rely on your own spatial awareness and the games high quality audio and soundscapes to understand the situation you find yourself in.

The original approach to auditive scene design and binaural technology, will help immerse you in the sound space of the game quite intuitively: you’ll be able to recognize objects and NPCs, how far the enemy is, what ground you walk on and in what room you are simply through audio.


The story of Rosemary’s Fate is strikingly deep, and always leaves the player wanting to discover the next twist in the story. The narrative itself starts off rather simple, with a curious photograph and a lost family member. The player finds themselves travelling from New York, to Poland and investigating the story behind the Owinska Mental Hospital, a real life location in Poland that was occupied by the German Army during WW2.

The story further develops, with the player exploring not only new locations – but different periods of time, as you find yourself not only exploring locations in the current day – but also locations nestled in alternate timelines and dimensions.

Within Rosemary’s Fate, the player’s imagination is stimulated by the human’s incredible ability to “see through sounds” in the dark. The audioscapes, specially made for Rosemary’s Fate, performs the same function as the graphics in similar video games. The characters in the game behave as if there are no limits, while the player can see the action in his imagination through the sounds.

Released in June 2021, Rosemary’s Fate is currently available on Steam, as well as on the Google Play Store for mobile devices – with upcoming plans for an iOS release.