Fabula – The new interactive audio engine

By September 19, 2021NEWS

Sweden based Wanderword, have recently released their beta of Fabula – a fully-featured visual editor for authoring and deploying Audio content to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and smartphone devices.

With the aim of Fabula to empower game developers, podcast producers, audiobook publishers and other storytelling creatives to design and deploy their own interactive audio experiences.

Fabula presents an easy to use, straight out of the box solution to producing and publishing to multiple platforms. The engine uses a straight forwards drag-and-drop node system that supports non-programmers and beginners to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

“At Wanderword we wanted to build something that would encourage people to write interactive and engaging audio stories and entertainment. Our great team was able to build a platform that does this in a fun, easy-to-use way.” – Johan Strömberg, CEO of Wanderword


Fabula not only offers an easy-to-use engine, but additionally it provides access to over 400 synthetic voices (narrators, digital actors, promo voice-over) from the best voice providers. Not only that – you can bring your own voice recordings too into Fabula! By also incorporating multiple independent audio channels, it makes it super-simple to layer voice, ambient music and sound affects.

The Fabula editor also allows near-instantaneous collaboration with a whole team. Providing the ability to work on a project in real time with multiple editors and project members. There are also ready-made, highly customizable components tailored for gaming functionality that can help support beginners.

In addition to the Fabula editor, the team behind Fabula have also produced ‘FAB’ – the Fabula Audiobook Builder. A sleek tool that can be used as a cost-efficient way to produce audiobooks with high quality digital narration – a great option for authors and publishers alike.
With the additional functionality and support that the Fabula engine provides to help beginners with creating their first project, we look forward to seeing what exciting news and developments Fabula brings to the world of Interactive Audio Entertainment.

A small showcase of the simplicity that the Fabula Audiobook Builder provides. 

You can learn more by visiting the Fabula Website, to learn more about functionality, support and pricing!