Escape from 63rd & Wallace – Puzzle Tips

By October 5, 2021October 15th, 2021NEWS

The audio adventure, Escape form 63rd and Wallace is a horror-themed story that takes the listener on a journey to Chicago in 1893, following Charlene, a young woman searching for her sister.

When you first start playing Escape from 63rd and Wallace, your first choice is between the two modes that the developer Polar Night Studio has included – a story mode, and a puzzle mode.

If you select the puzzle mode, you’ll find yourself facing intricate puzzles that have grave consequences.

To help you with these puzzles, we’ve compiled a list of hints and tips that can help you find the answers that you need, and continue your ongoing search for Charlene’s sister.

To find a hint for the puzzle that you may be stuck on, just check below for the Chapter that you are on and the name of the puzzle. Simply clicking the name, will reveal the hint for you – with all hints being spoiler free!

Chapter 1

Puzzle 1 - Odd One Out

All of the objects seem to belong together. One of them is, however, different and has something that the others don’t. Think carefully, and figure out which object does not belong.

Puzzle 2 - Compartment Puzzle

Charlie needs to find her bag. There are nine compartments in a three by three grid, each labeled with a letter, and a number. Each letter represents the first letter in a city’s name, while the number represents the position on the grid. Charlie’s destination is Chicago. Figure out which compartment has the letter C. For more information, check the sign about the compartment’s locations.

Puzzle 3 - Door Puzzle

Charlie needs to open three doors in a specific order, the letter you hold from Margaret may provide a hint to which doors you need to use and in which order. Each paragraph provides a hint for the doors in order.

Puzzle 4 - Platform Puzzle

Charlie needs to find your way to the Arrivals Hall. Charlie can move between specific platforms by naming the platform’s number and you can reset the puzzle by going to platform 6 at any time. 

The letter received from Margaret contains clues and hints to the correct path she needs to take. Pay attention to each paragraph to find the hints which will help you proceed.

Chapter 2

Puzzle 1 - Bag Items Puzzle

3 items were dropped to the floor. Each item has its own unique sound. Listen carefully, and name the item heard, one item at a time.

Puzzle 2 - Photo Puzzle

Listen to Charlie’s memories and figure out the question at hand. Simply name what the believed answer is.

Puzzle 3 - Coin Puzzle

Charlie has made it to the Hotel, she needs to rotate the coins to the correct position. They should display the street number. 

Chapter 3

Puzzle 1 - Moth Light Puzzle

Part 1: Charlie needs to find a way to turn off the light in the room. The string would be the obvious choice. She can also try to unscrew the light bulb. Interact with the different objects to figure out the answer.

Part 2: Charlie can not open the secret hatch with her hands. She needs to figure out how to open it with things that she can find in the room.

Puzzle 2 - Brick Wall Puzzle

Some bricks are marked with roman numerals. What can she do mathematically with the number 3 on the door and the numbers on the bricks? Interact with the right brick to solve this puzzle. 

Puzzle 3 - Black Box Puzzle

Puzzle mode: The black box needs a missing piece. One of the three small piles contains what Charlie is after. The mirror is reflecting the room, the vision providing some helpful information on where to look. 

Story mode: Charlie needs to find a way to move on from this room. The mirror will help Charlie find a way out.

Puzzle 4 - Labyrinth Corridor Puzzle

This corridor is split into three paths. One of them is the correct path for Charlie to take, while the others will lead her back to the same corridor. Each path has a piece of furniture. What Margaret said at the window, has some clues to which furniture Charlie should follow. 

Puzzle 5 - Typewriter Puzzle

Listen to the riddle and figure out the answer. The missing keys, C and O – are related to the answer. 

Puzzle 6 - Attic Puzzle

Margaret Weatherford’s bag is locked with a 3 digit number lock. The ledger consists of a list with acronyms and numbers. An acronym is a combination of letters from multiple words. In this case, the ledger has acronyms of the victims, using the first letter in their surname and last name. For example, Charlene Weatherford would become C, and W. Find the right number for Margaret’s acronym, and name the number.

Chapter 4

Puzzle 1 - Elevator Puzzle

To leave the elevator, Charlie has to use the buttons to match the number shown on the detailed plate. Pressing the numbered buttons will increase the amount, and the C will reset the number to zero.

Puzzle 2 - Cage Puzzle

Charlie has to find a way to open the cage, try examining all the parts, and see what can be found.

Puzzle 3 - Autopsy Puzzle

The threads have to be removed in a specific order. Try reading the three notes found on the metal table for hints. 

Puzzle 4 - Trapped Puzzle

Part 1: Charlie can choose one of the following directions to look around for some way to escape from the box she finds herself in. Up. Down. Left. Right. Front, and Back.

Part 2: Charlie has found buttons inside the box that are related to the text on the door. Try matching the buttons with the first word of each sentence.  

Puzzle 5 - Wood Wall Puzzle

To escape the room, Charlie has to find a way to remove the poorly constructed wooden wall. Using the few things in the room, is there a way to set fire to the wall? 

Puzzle 6 - Office Puzzle

Holmes is blocking Charlie’s way out of the room. Can she use one of the items to make him stumble? 

Puzzle 7 - Corridor Puzzle

Charlie’s way out of the maze like corridor is to listen closely to the sounds she is hearing. The crow man has decided to aid her escape.