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In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the battle hardened Obozaya – to Iseph, the infiltration expert. 

Below, we introduce Quig, the Ysoki Mechanic. Eager to use force to resolve his problems and equipped with superior gear, technical weaponry and his trademark targeting system – Quig is always ready to throw himself into a fight not only for his friends, but strangers alike. 


Race/Species: Ysoki
Gender: Male
Class: Mechanic
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Homeland: Estuar, Akiton

Quig, a short furry humanoid who excels with machinery and technology. As one of the rat-like Ysoki, he grew up as a scavenger on the desert world of Akiton, but became a bounty hunter to see the galaxy.

He’s always ready to use his engineering skills to cobble together solutions for any situation. Being both friendly and fiery, he prides himself on being a quick judge of character. Being anything but hesitant to throw himself into a fight on a stranger’s behalf.


Quig is personable and outgoing—often significantly chattier than his comrades would like—and his constant traveling for work has left him with friends and contacts across the Pact Worlds. He prides himself on being a good judge of character, and while he’s savvy enough to withhold actual trust until it’s been earned, he’s not above throwing himself into a fight on behalf of a near-stranger if he’s got a good feeling about them. Though fully capable of working alone, he tends to get bored easily without people to talk to, and thus prefers to sign on with teams of adventurers, where he can act as the group’s resident tracker and starship engineer. While he still keeps in touch with his family, he doesn’t speak about his hometown much, as he’s a bit embarrassed by his unglamorous upbringing—when he does mention it, it is with a liberal helping of humor. He’s a fan of both taking minor trophies from previous jobs and scavenging spare parts that he’s positive may come in handy someday, inevitably turning his cabin or bunk into a riotous nest of cherished junk.

Quig’s closest companion is his drone, Scout, and he spends the majority of his downtime puttering about in the robot’s systems. He often talks to Scout as way of thinking out loud or voicing his innermost thoughts, attributing them to the drone in a way that can make him seem a bit unbalanced to those who don’t know him well. (And in truth, sometimes to those who do.) When he’s captured a bounty and is feeling particularly mischievous, he often pretends to consult with the robot about the person’s fate, ultimately claiming that he sympathizes and would like to let the target go, but “the robot says otherwise.”

Src: Jason Keeley
Paizo Developer


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