Cursed Painting – Latest Update

By October 15, 2021NEWS

Latest Update

In the latest update for the Cursed Painting, two new additions have been added to provide some fresh character customization and a helping hand for the current end game content for Cursed Painting.

With the introduction of the Character Re-Specialization, you can now change the class of your character and pick new perks to revitalize your character and pick a new playstyle and combat specialty.

The newly added Mountain Guide opens up a new secretive route to bypass the spectral storm that prevents access to The Mountain. To access this help, once you have failed your first attempt at scaling The Mountain – the Mountain Guide will introduce himself and offer his services.

Both of these additions are currently only $0.99 as an introductory offer and can be purchased in-skill. Below, we go into more detail about these two new additions!

Character Re-Specialization

The Character Re-specialization allows you to select a new character type, from The Adventurer, The Noble and The Thief – as well as refunding your Perks and Stats so you can hone your new character type.

Once you reach character level 4, you will gain access to being able to ‘Re-specialize’. Just use the command; “Re-Spec” at any time outside of combat to access the option to purchase the Character Re-specialization. 

The Mountain Guide

Once a week you can challenge the current end-game content, the treacherous Mountain to discover the secrets that await you at the top. However, the seemingly spectral storm that can be seen around the mountain only allows one journey to be made a week. If you fail, then you must wait for the storm to pass.

With the newest update, a hired Mountain Guide can guide you through a secretive route that will allow you to bypass the storm that prevents your access so you can make an attempt once more.

This helping hand will be make themselves available to you once you have returned from any unsuccessful expedition.


How do I re-specialize and choose a new class?

Once you reach character level 4, you will gain access to being able to change your character class.

Just use the command; “Re-Spec” to access the option to purchase it.

How do I reset the Mountain Challenge?

If you fail your weekly attempt at scaling the mountain, you will have the option to hire a guide that will lead you up the mountain through a secretive route that bypasses the Storm. Allowing you to attempt this endgame challenge once more.

How much do these cost?

Both the Mountain Guide and the Re-specialization will only cost you $0.99 each as part of an introductory offer.

Why can't I find these new items/ options?

These two new additions are only available in certain reasons which are determined by Amazon. Unfortunately, not all regions will be able to have access to purchasing the Respecialization Potion or the Mountain Challenge.