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"Alexa, open Starfinder"

In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the battle hardened Obozaya – to Quig, the Ysoki Mechanic. 

Below, we introduce Iseph, the Operative Android. Always ready to strike their enemies from the shadows, using stealth and cunning. Iseph is a highly skilled and trained infiltration expert, pilot and assassin.  


Race/Species: Android
Gender: Agender
Class: Operative
Alignment: Neutral good
Homeland: Aballon

Iseph, is an artificial humanoid trained as pilot and assassin. They awoke fully grown on the machine world of Aballon with no memory of who they had been before.

Hunted by unknown enemies, they soon joined a group called the Android Abolitionist Front and trained as a black ops expert. Fighting against those corporations who enslave androids.

Even though they now work as a freelance infiltration expert, Iseph prefers missions where they can fight against oppression.


Though paranoia over being hunted by their mysterious enemy (as well as friends of former assassination targets) makes Iseph something of a loner, the android desperately craves companionship, and is fiercely loyal to those few who prove themselves trustworthy. As a result of their early days on Aballon and personal experience as an android in a largely biological society, Iseph questions or rejects many aspects of mainstream Pact Worlds culture, and enjoys exploring the countercultures on different worlds. Iseph believes the ends often justify the means, yet strives to only take on jobs that fit with their sense of morality. An initial focus on android rights has broadened into a tendency to identify with oppressed people and underdogs everywhere, no matter how alien, and to hate any form of slavery with a passion. While Iseph finds the most joy in flying any manner of ship or vehicle—usually too fast and recklessly for the comfort of their passengers—their infiltration abilities remain as sharp as they ever were, and the former assassin has no objections to pulling out their trusty sniper rifle again when the cause is just.

Src: James L. Sutter
Creative Director

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