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In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the Android Operative Iseph – to Quig, the Ysoki Mechanic. 

Below, we introduce Obozaya, the Vesk Soldier. Obozaya is always more than happy to charge headfirst into a battle and resolve problems with brute force and their traditional Vesk Doshko weapon


Race/Species: Vesk
Gender: Female
Class: Soldier (Mercenary)
Alignment: Neutral
Homeland: Vesk Prime, Veskarium

A towering reptilian soldier who specializes in heavy weapons and armor. 

Born in the Veskarium, she enlisted in the empire’s military and provided herself on the battlefield but chafed at the bureaucracy.

Following the footsteps of other legendary Vesk warriors, she left home to work as a mercenary in the pact worlds.

Here at last she found what she had been searching for, an endless series of battles and adventures – with no restrictions but her own sense of honour.


Personality-wise, Obozaya is a study in contrasts. While she appreciates material wealth and creature comforts, her true desire is for recognition. This is perhaps best exemplified by the holoprojector on her back, which usually projects a modified version of Damoritosh’s symbol to advertise her as a warrior for hire, but which is capable of projecting a personalized holographic war-banner in combat to make sure the enemy knows exactly who’s coming for them. Brilliant on the battlefield, Obozaya nevertheless finds herself a little slow on the draw in most intellectual pursuits, having little patience for any education not directly related to her vocation. She believes that honor demands honesty, and while she’s not against lying by omission, she would rather die than break her word or renege on a contract. In conversations with new people, she’s either unnervingly stoic or direct to the point of rudeness, and thinks that most species talk more than they need to as an attempt to cover up their cowardice.

All of which makes it that much more surprising to discover how much her companions adore her. Sure, Obo may explain her loyalty as a mercenary’s pragmatism, yet everyone in her crew knows they can count on “the big lizard” to pull them out of a scrape, no matter the cost. As with many vesk, her gruff manner is punctuated with sudden outpourings of emotion, and with her characteristic directness, Obo finds no fear or shame in telling her friends how much she loves them. Much of her life is spent on or training for missions, yet when Obozaya sets out to celebrate a success, it’s with her trademark bombastic zeal. Eschewing the berserker drugs favored by some of her kindred, she’s nevertheless fond of the Veskarium nose-hookahs sometimes called “dragon’s breath,” as well as the mildly hallucinogenic brain snails of Vesk-2 and other traditional vesk snacks. More than one bar has been sacrificed to (and well compensated for) her parties, and the heavy bass of her beloved revelaz dance-pop beats is notorious for bursting rivets on ship bulkheads.

Src: James L. Sutter
Creative Director


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