Wizard’s Brew – Halloween-inspired fun on Amazon Alexa

By October 29, 2021NEWS

This Halloween, Amazon Alexa users will be whisked away to the world of Wizard’s Brew! Available now, Wizard’s Brew is the latest release from Toronto gaming studio The Parlor Walls, creators of acclaimed Amazon Alexa skills including Detective X and Nine Lives Trivia. 

Designed specifically with Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire TV in mind, Wizard’s Brew’s visuals offer a lively immersive gaming experience in which you get to help a bumbling wizard create a magic recipe. Choose from the grossest ingredients, including zombie’s brains, dragon’s boogers and sea monster’s eyeballs. Then watch what happens when they’re mixed together! Each combination of ingredients ends in its own surprising outcome. Everything from monsters playing instruments to 10 foot tall kittens!
“Wizard’s Brew was inspired by b-movies and Saturday morning cartoons. It features an original soundtrack and a mix of animation, claymation, stop-motion and low-budget special effects that are fun for kids of all ages!”
Clint McLean, The Parlor Walls Founder
Wizard’s Brew is available in all of Amazon Alexa’s English regions (US, UK, Canada, India, Australia) and also includes an audio-only version. So just say the magic words and “ala kazam, ala kazoo”, Alexa has opened Wizard’s Brew!
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