Introducing Navasi – The Starfinder Iconics

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"Alexa, Open Starfinder"

In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the Android Operative Iseph – to Quig, the Ysoki Mechanic. 

Below, we introduce Navasi, the Human Envoy. 


Race/Species: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Envoy
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Homeland: Absalom Station
Deity: Weydan

A quick witted scoundrel who is specialized in diplomacy and strategy. Raised to be a wealthy socialite on Absalon Station, she instead ran away to become a space pilot, but quickly realized most other outlaws don’t share her deep sense of honor and justice.

She left the pirate life behind and became a freelance adventurer, talking herself into trouble and being ready to take on any challenge if the price is right – and if the cause is just. 


Today, Navasi has built a reputation—perhaps more than is truly wise for a woman with a price on her head—as a talented freelance captain, putting together crews for adventures ranging from planetary scouting and private security to her old talent for “procurement,” though she’s careful about what sorts of jobs she and her friends take on. Navasi still believes in freedom for all, spreading the wealth, and taking plutocrats down a peg—but she also knows the value of earning credits, and takes pride in the ability to take care of herself and her crew (though she still has a sometimes inconvenient tendency to empty her pockets for those in need). As a scoundrel, a fast-talker, and a brilliant negotiator, Navasi is happiest when the chips are down and lives hang in the balance, as that’s when you truly know who your friends are. Above all, she knows to always look beneath the surface, for like Navasi herself, nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Src: James L. Sutter
Creative Director

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