The Fabella Creator Game Jam – 2021

By November 11, 2021November 30th, 2021NEWS

The Fabella Creator Game Jam is a game jam where you can create an interactive audio game or story that uses speech recognition to control the gameplay/narrative.

This Game Jam is open to creatives of all types, as the Fabella Creator is a ‘code-free’ tool, that uses a simple node system.

The contest entries will be featured on Poptale and will be reviewed by a jury, as well as visitors who rate them via the Poptale site.

All games entered into the contest will be considered for a publishing deal with Wanderword!

What is the Fabella Game Jam?
The Fabella Game Jam is a contest where participants gain free access to the Fabella Creative Engine to produce an interactive game or interactive fiction, where speech recognition is used to operate the controls.

What is the Fabella Creator?
The Fabella Creator is a code-free, node based system that anyone can use to produce their own projects for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Mobile Devices.
Learn more about the Fabella Creator here

 The Fabella Game Jam kicks off on November 10, 2021, and ends on November 25.

2. You have two weeks to create an original game/story using the Fabella Creator. Access to Fabella is obtained by registering for the contest via this form.

3. The game must take a minimum of 5 minutes for the player to complete, but no longer than 20 minutes.

4. Projects will be posted to the gallery within 24 hours of completion. Once a project is finished, the creator(s) need to notify in order for the entry to be verified and posted.

There’s no set theme for this contest – all we ask is that you use voice and sound in innovative ways to tell a story and/or design a game!

Cash & Prizes
1st Place
 – $500 USD + An Echo Dot 4th gen + 12 months free Fabella Creator subscription (Professional)

2nd Place – $250 USD + 6 months free Fabella Creator subscription (Professional)

3rd Place – $100 USD + 3 months free Fabella Creator subscription (Professional)

"Your story starts here" – an introduction to Fabella Creator.