The Copernicus Legacy – The Interactive Audiobook | Out now!

By January 25, 2022NEWS

The bestselling series, The Copernicus Legacy written by Tony Abbott finds it’s way to a smart speaker, or smartphone near you! The Copernicus Legacy: The Interactive Audiobook takes you on a journey across the world, and through time!

Crack ciphers, solve mysteries, and search for clues to a great mystery. All in the interactive audiobook experience produced by Polar Night Studios, powered by Fabella, presented by Poptale and in partnership with HarperCollins.

The Copernicus Legacy: Interactive Audiobook is based on the work of bestselling author Tony Abbott. The story begins when Wade Kaplan receives a coded message from his Uncle Henry, moments before the old man’s death. It is revealed that he died to protect the legacy of Copernicus, which relates to a scientific device that could change both the future and the past.


Interactive storytelling – Enjoy an active listening experience, where your decisions change the course of the story.
Look at artifacts – The puzzles in the story are dynamic. You choose what parts of the puzzle you want to interact with in the search for clues.
Choose a character – You can listen as Wade, Darrell, Becca or Lily. Each character has a unique perspective through which they experience the story, and offer new ways to handle different situations. You can switch between characters at any time.