The Copernicus Legacy – The Interactive Audiobook | Out now!

January 25, 2022
The bestselling series, The Copernicus Legacy written by Tony Abbott finds it's way to a smart speaker, or smartphone near you! The Copernicus Legacy: The Interactive Audiobook takes you on a journey across the world, and through time!

The Sparky Awards 2021 – Results

November 30, 2021
The 2021 Sparkys, hosted by the team at Voice Spark Live have finally announced their winner!

The Sparkys is a fan-driven competition where developers can submit their skills to be viewed and voted on! Check out the results by clicking on the above image!

Poptale Weekly – Lost Worlds

November 18, 2021
Lost Worlds is an exciting, multi-mission interactive adventure set in the distant future. You choose your missions and your side quests as you make the choices that bring fame, fortune, or disaster. If you have an Alexa with a display, the game is filled with stunning visuals. During gameplay, you will create a character, adventure through space, battle foes, explore new worlds, and, seek out mankind's original homeworld.

Just say “Alexa Open Lost Worlds” to get started.

The Fabella Creator Game Jam – 2021

November 11, 2021
Fabella by Wanderword is sponsoring a game jam contest as part of the Voice of Gaming Conference. This is a game jam where you'll create an interactive audio game or story that uses speech recognition to control the gameplay/narrative.

Poptale Weekly – Last Light in the Dark

November 10, 2021
A choose-your-own-adventure game about an unexplained phenomenon in space known as the expansion. You are a soldier called upon to save the galaxy from this new threat, though saving yourself might be just as difficult...

Just say “Alexa Open Last Light in the Dark” to get started.

Poptale Weekly – Shield Spell Sword

November 4, 2021
Choose between using your Shield, Spell, or Sword in this rock, paper, scissors fantasy adventure. Battle monsters like horrible green slimes, undead warriors, and a great green scaled Dragon. Can you fight your way through, become a champion and save the kingdom or will you perish in an epic skirmish?

Voice Spark Live / Halloween Special

October 29, 2021
Voice Spark Live | Poptales very own Liam Erven and Nick Sawka, alongside Emily Banzhaf and Ben Falvo explore some super-spooky Alexa Skills to celebrate the Halloween season!

Wizard’s Brew – Halloween-inspired fun on Amazon Alexa

October 29, 2021
This Halloween, Amazon Alexa users will be whisked away to the world of Wizard's Brew! Available now, Wizard's Brew is the latest release from Toronto gaming studio The Parlor Walls, creators of acclaimed Amazon Alexa skills including Detective X and Nine Lives Trivia.

Introducing Keskodai – The Starfinder Iconics

October 28, 2021
In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the Android Operative Iseph - to Quig, the Ysoki Mechanic. Below, we introduce Keskodai, the Shirren Mystic. Keskodai always looks for creative solutions, utilizing his mystic, magical powers.

The 2021 Sparkys

October 28, 2021
The yearly Sparky Awards are upon us. Hosted by Voice Spark Live, they have shortlisted the top 20 Voice Skills/ Actions of 2021. Voting for your favorite title has now opened! The Sparky Awards are brought to you by the team at Voice Spark Live.

Poptale Weekly – Escape from 63rd and Wallace

October 28, 2021
In this edition of Poptale Weekly, we take a look at Escape from 63rd and Wallace . It is an audio adventure that takes the listener on a journey to Chicago in 1893, following Charlene, a young woman searching for her sister. This horror-themed story is full of puzzles that you will need to solve in order to succeed. Enjoy brain tickling challenges and frightening encounters, full of twists and turns, secret discoveries, and perilous ends.

Poptale Weekly – Space Express

October 21, 2021
You are Captain Greenhorn. As an employee of Space Express, it’s your job to make deliveries all over the universe. The owner of Space Express is the Taskmaster. The Taskmaster will make sure you’re kept busy. You’ll need to explore, and find your way around each galaxy.

Introducing Obozaya – The Starfinder Iconics

October 21, 2021
In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the Android Operative Iseph - to Quig, the Ysoki Mechanic. Below, we introduce Obozaya, the Vesk Soldier. Obozaya is always more than happy to charge headfirst into a battle and resolve problems with brute force and their traditional Vesk Doshko weapon

Escape from 63rd and Wallace – 50% Sale!

October 20, 2021
Take this great opportunity and get all chapters with a reduced price. For a limited time, get all three premium chapters for only $3.99 . If you already have purchased a chapter or two we’ve got you covered. Additional chapters will be also available at a discounted price of $1.99 per chapter.

Cursed Painting – Latest Update

October 15, 2021
In the latest update for the Cursed Painting, two new additions have been added to provide some fresh character customization and a helping hand for the current end game content for Cursed Painting.

Escape from 63rd and Wallace – Temporary Downtime on Google Actions

October 15, 2021
The Google Action version of Escape from 63rd and Wallace is currently temporarily unavailable. We are aware that the team at Polar Night Studios are currently working to resolve this issue. 

Voice Spark Live / Alexa said work it out!

October 15, 2021
Voice Spark Live | Poptales very own Liam Erven and Nick Sawka, alongside Emily Banzhaf bring you a look into three Alexa Skills. The Body Coach, Mindful Meditation and Mixologist!

Introducing Iseph – The Starfinder Iconics

October 15, 2021
In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the battle hardened Obozaya - to Quig, the Ysoki Mechanic.  Today, we introduce Iseph, the Operative Android. Always ready to strike their enemies from the shadows, using stealth and cunning.

Poptale Weekly: Pioneer Trail

October 14, 2021
It's March 1847, you've got just $700 left. You need to travel by covered wagon with your family from Independence Missouri to Oregon City before January 1st to claim your 650 acres of free land. How will you spend your money? Lots of animals and few supplies? Fast but risky...

Introducing Quig – The Starfinder Iconics

October 14, 2021
In Starfinder on Alexa, there are multiple characters you can choose when you first begin, from the battle hardened Obozaya – to Iseph, the infiltration expert. Today, we look at Quig - the Ysoki Mechanic. Always ready to throw himself into a fight for friend and stranger alike.

Poptale Weekly: Clash of Legions

October 7, 2021
You are chosen to be the emperor of the Roman Empire. We are writing the year 200 B.C and you have 100 legions to your count, ready to charge into the fight for your empire. At the moment there are 5 different lands to conquer: Spain, Greece, Carthage, Gaul, and Egypt. You alone can choose where to begin the glorious expansion of the Roman Empire.

Escape from 63rd & Wallace – Puzzle Tips

October 5, 2021
To help with the puzzles in the audio adventure Escape from 63rd and Wallace, we've compiled a list of hints and tips that can help you find the answers that you need, and continue your ongoing search for Charlene's sister.

Poptale Weekly: Iron Falcon

October 5, 2021
The years of peace are over. Shocking news is pouring in from the borderlands of the Kingdom of Rivaan. An old enemy, Morghul, has regained strength, shattering the alliance with the mysterious order. A hero is needed! A hero who will get to the bottom of things and report back to the king. But who will undertake such a dangerous mission? Why you!

Fabula – The new interactive audio engine

September 19, 2021
Sweden based Wanderword, have recently released their beta of Fabula - a fully-featured visual editor for authoring and deploying Audio content to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and smartphone devices.

How to enable Kids Skills on your Amazon Alexa

September 9, 2021
In this first blog post, we show the simple steps on how to enable kids skills on your Amazon Alexa device. With both a Text & Video guide.

Poptale Weekly: Space Bones

September 8, 2021
Join us as we explore Space Bones! You will not only explore new star systems, find space treasures, and loot cargo ships, you can be the scourge of space and attempt to steal from user pirate space ships!

The Bard’s Tale – Warlocks of Largefearn – Beta Test

September 2, 2021
The Bard’s Tale, Warlocks of Largefearn is an upcoming Interactive Audio RPG developed by Polar Night Studios. You can now sign up for Beta Testing to get a sneak-peek of this new addition to The Bard's Tale franchise.

Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game – Available now!

August 22, 2021
Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game is an educational math game for children between the ages 6-8, based on the Tales of Sasha book series.

Escape from 63rd – Now available on Google devices!

July 19, 2021
The horror-themed audio adventure is now released on Google Devices & through Google Assistant.

Rosemary’s Fate – An experiment in Dynamic Audio

July 3, 2021
An exciting experiment in the world of Audio Games. Rosemary's Fate brings Dynamic Audio to the front of their new release.

Review: Popcorn Tycoon

June 4, 2021
A review of the Alexa Skill, Popcorn Tycoon - by our friends at

Event: The Voice of Gaming

May 28, 2021
The Voice of Gaming examines the intersection of voice technology, conversational AI, and modern gaming: video games, board games, and all forms of interactive audio entertainment.

Starfinder Alexa finds a new home

May 26, 2021
Starfinder, the popular table-top RPG which found it’s way onto Amazon Alexa in late 2019 has found a new home with the Interactive Audio Entertainment developer Wanderword.

Důkaz 111 – The interactive thriller

May 18, 2021
Důkaz 111, a successful interactive audio game developed by Czech studio ‘Play By Ears’ is now being re-developed into English for a global audience.

Top 5: Trivia Games

May 12, 2021
Smart Speakers offer so much more than just flash briefings for the news and weather reports. Next time you’re bored, why not try one of these trivia games? Either way, it’s definitely more fun than scrolling through Facebook on a Saturday night!

Release: Escape from 63rd and Wallace

May 5, 2021
A new exciting release, developed by Polar Night Studio and powered by the Fabula Engine.

Alexa, To be, or not to be

April 23, 2021
Amazon rolls out new commands to help celebrate Shakespeare Day.

Volley Inc. acquires Voxion

April 23, 2021
Volley Acquires Voxion to Expand Portfolio of Entertaining Voice Experiences.

Starfinder secures double awards

April 20, 2021
Paizo (Starfinder) secures a grand slam, picking up Voice Experience of the Year & Amazon Alexa Developer of the Year.

The Bard’s Tale in your Smart Speaker

April 15, 2021
Raise your swords and don your armour – Wanderword and Brian Fargo’s inXile Entertainment join forces to bring the iconic The Bard’s Tale fantasy role-playing game to the Interactive Audio landscape.

Theater comes to the home!

April 9, 2021
Australlian theatre Company partners with Perth-based company Audioplay to launch a screenfree interactive audio adventure that brings the excitement of theater to the home.

Project Voice – Worldwide

April 9, 2021
Project Voice Worldwide is the virtual component of the #1 event for voice technology and conversational AI in America: Project Voice.

New Nest Hub 2

March 18, 2021
While not officially announced by Google, the upcoming Nest Hub 2 has found its way into the public domain by an unfortunate update from B&H Photo who listed the new device in their online store.

Wonder Woman flies onto Google Assistant

March 9, 2021
DC Comics kicks off the “Believe in Wonder” Campaign, marking the 80th Anniversary of Wonder Woman. Part of this celebration is the release of four brand new “You Choose Wonder Woman” stories available VIA Google Assistant!

Big Hit makes a Big Investment

March 1, 2021
Big Hit Entertainment, the South Korean Company behind the mega-stars BTS have recently invested 4 billion won (approximately $3.6million) into the AI Duio company Supertone who produces voice synthesis and real-time voice enhancement technology.

Cerence Tour Guide – Bringing Voice AI to your road trip

February 22, 2021
Cerence, the global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the mobility world has recently introduced Cerence Tour Guide – a unique, voice driven application for automotive assistants that brings “professional, guided tour content directly into the car”.

Nicobo – The flatulent cat

February 22, 2021
From the late 90’s Furbys, to the early 2000’s robotic dogs – AI Voice driven companions have always been a strange phenomenon. Panasonic have recently stepped into the robotic companion arena with their very own farting cat – Nicobo.

Review: Journey 3000

February 22, 2021

Review: Jeopardy! – Amazon Alexa

February 17, 2021
With over 8,000 episodes aired, a record 39 Daytime Emmy Awards won – as well as a Peabody Award. It makes sense for Jeopardy to have received the digital makeover into a Voice Driven release. Released back on December 30th 2015 into the Amazon’s Alexa Skill store, Jeopardy! has took off to become of the most popular Skills on the store – currently boasting over 50,000 reviews.

Poptale – We’re Officially Live!

February 17, 2021
Poptale is on a mission to drive the Interactive Audio Entertainment Industry. We are obsessed with getting people to test this new form of entertainment that will empower active listeners to play and explore, to take control of the story, and do so in a hands free, heads up environment.

Super Stories – You Choose Adventures!

February 12, 2021
Families looking for child-friendly content on Google Assistant can experience an interactive audio and visual storytelling adventure with the “You Choose” adventures that have been developed through a partnership with Capstone Publishing and Google Assistant.

Skyrim + AI Voice = Exciting!

February 5, 2021
YouTuber Adriac has been making fan-films for several different video games, however his latest creation has caught a lot of attention online. The amateur filmmaker has stepped outside the norm, to produce a trailer for the popular game Skyrim which uses 100% synthetic voice.

Wanji – Interactive Audio VS Covid-19

February 5, 2021
In the global south of the world, a new Interactive Audio Game; Wanji – is helping to educate hundreds of thousands of people in some of the most remote areas of the world.

Project Voice – Coast to Coast

February 1, 2021
Project Voice: Coast to Coast is the 35-city tour in which Bradley Metrock, CEO of Project Voice and a two-time Voicebot top leader and influencer in the world of voice and AI, will travel the country delivering a briefing to groups across the United States.

Beta Testers Wanted

January 28, 2021
We are always looking for people to help our partners test the latest and exciting voice driven releases! These can range from educational, trivia and brain-training releases, interactive narratives and groundbreaking voice driven games.

AI brings back deceased singers voice

January 26, 2021
Kim Kwan-seok was a popular and influential South Korean folk rock singer, who unfortunately passed away at the young age of 31 in 1996. Now with Voice AI technology, SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) have brought his voice back to life.