The Bard’s Tale – Warlocks of Largefearn is a groundbreaking Audio RPG developed by the team at Polar Night Studio. With large amounts of player freedom, contextual interaction between the player and the world and an engaging & strategic turn based combat system – Warlocks of Largefearn is aiming to set the standard for Audio RPG’s.

With 4 playable classes, each with their own Subclass and Specialties, several companions and a myriad of puzzles, dungeons and quests that will challenge you this will be the fully audio-scaped adventure of a lifetime!

It’s exciting to see how Wanderword has brought The Bard’s Tale to a new medium, staying true to the world and fantasy while exploring new ways to play. We think everyone’s really going to enjoy playing in the Bard’s Tale world in a brand new way.” – inXile entertainment.

Feature Showcase

Strategic Combat System

Test your tactical prowess with the Strategic Combat System. Utilizing your own characters' abilities, as well as your companions to strike your foes down.


Choose between different companions to join you on your adventure. Where they will assist you in combat, helping to defeat your enemies.

Player Progression

Unique progression paths for each class, with each level up bringing new proficiencies, Skills and Spells - as well as additional stat points.

Detailed Artwork

When playing on a device that utilizes a screen, gameplay will be accompanied by beautiful artwork for characters, locations and combat.

Immersive Story

A rich, engaging narrative that will draw you into the world of The Bard's Tale.

Day/ Night Cycle

Enjoy the safety that daylight brings, but be wary when travelling at night as new dangers may be lurking once darkness falls.

Class Guides

An introduction to Classes, Subclasses and Progression

Bards weave stories so mesmerizing that they carry magical properties along with them. Bards provide powerful buffs and debuffs, though they can pack a punch when needed!

Class Ability: Chug
Boosts Intelligence and Constitution for the rest of the battle, but stuns the Bard for one turn.

Subclass: Troubador
Troubador Song

Lower STR of a random enemy by 30% + 5% per INT.

Subclass: Warchanter
Warchanter Song

Gain bonus STR for the rest of the combat.

Improved Troubador Song

Lower STR of all enemies by 30% + 5% per INT.


Improved Warchanter Song

Gain bonus STR and armor for the rest of the combat.

From brutish berserkers to tactile duelists, Fighters always feel at home on the frontlines. Weathering their opponents ongoing strikes, and hitting back with their martial prowess.

Class Ability: Taunt
Forces all opponents to take a step forwards.

Subclass: Warden
Passive Upgrade

Focus on tanking and gain 5 armor.

Subclass: Berserker
Passive Upgrade

Gain +2 temp STR at the end of each combat round if you have taken damage this turn.

Master Ability: Rend

Rend Armor, destroy armor on enemy combatant and deal damage.

Rogues, masters of deception and misdirection. Always seeking an opportunistic strike upon their foes – Rogues are well known for circumnavigating an enemy’s defense.

Class Ability: Smoke Bomb
This ability fires in a line and stuns the first enemy hit.

Subclass: Sniper
Passive Upgrade

Focus on ranged attacks. When attacking with a bow have a chance to critically strike.

Subclass: Assassin
Passive Upgrade

Focus on melee attacks. When attacking with a dagger have a chance to critically strike.

Master Ability: Killer

Gain increased damage for two rounds.

Manipulators of magic and conjurers of the Arcane, Practitioners excel at weaving spells and devastating their enemies with great effect with a plethora of magical abilities.

Class Ability: Charged Bolt
Deals damage to all enemies.

Subclass: Conjurer
Dragon’s Breath

Deal damage in a line.

Subclass: Magician
Dancing Light

Stun a random enemy.

Master Ability: Warstrike

Attack an enemy and the enemy next to them.

Master Ability: Vorpal Strike

Enhance your weapon attack this turn.

Credits & Special Thanks

Frida Hermansson
Simon Strömberg
Henrik Lindfors
Lead Design, Audio, Art Direction
Jens Sundqvist
Content Development, System Design, Programming
Dylan Johansson
Additional Content Development
Johan Wintervy
Story & Dialogue
Hannah Wertz
Environmental Art
Nathan Naguit
Character Art
Fredrik Hägglund
Additional Art
David Rogers
inXile Contact, Bard’s Tale 4 Guru
Micah Whipple
Director of Communications, inXile
Brian Fargo
Special Thanks