Jump into an exciting fantasy adventure, where learning is your power & math is your magic.

Mathcaster is an exciting combination of education and entertainment, suitable for ages between 8-12. This Alexa Skill is a perfect resource to help children improve and develop their math skills in a fun, exciting and challenging way.

The adventure begins with helping villagers in a small town, visiting four different areas; Addition Village, the Subtraction Lake, the Multiplication Forest and Division Mountain. In these areas, there will be monsters, insects and other pests that must be defeated by powering up your spells by solving math-magical problems!

Mathcaster can be used in classrooms, at home, or independently by children themselves – with the skill including an Achievement system that rewards solving problems with the correct answers, as well as providing tangible targets and goals.

To get started, just say “Alexa, open Mathcaster.”

How to enable Parental/ Guardian Permissions on your Amazon Alexa Device

When you first try and launch Mathcaster, your Alexa device may not find the skill. This is due to not having enabled the necessary permissions. With this simple video, we’ll show you how!

You can also find a text guide here, which will show you the step by step process on how to enable Parental/ Guardian Permissions with accompanying images.