Pick Your Past.

Discover Your Fate.

The Legend

This is the story of you.

This Is The Story of a Great Leader.


  • Character progression through equipment, perks, gold and levels.

  • Over 3 hours of unique sound effects!.

  • Dynamic combat system.

  • Skill checks using your character statistics..

  • Descriptive artwork for screen enabled Alexa devices..

  • Combining single player adventuring with multiplayer components.

  • And best of all, Totally free to play!


What’s New?
Expansion 1 – Price of Knowledge

Strange lights have been seen coming from the old monastery beyond the forest, and rumors has it an ancient tome has been stolen from this forgotten
place of worship.

What’s New?
Expansion 2 – Echoes of the Past

Shed some light on the origin of the curse which haunts the village through the tall tales told by a traveling minstrel as he whisks you away in a state of

What’s New?
Expansion 3 – A Peasent Scorned

The new mayor has his hands tied, a murder has been committed but the city guards can’t spare the men to investigate further. Search for clues, question witnesses and pass your judgement!

What’s New?
Expansion 4 – The Dark Heart of the Forest
The Gallows Tree rises! Join ranks with other adventurers to fight the monstrosity! Mysterious Soul Shards have begun appearing in the forest. What is their purpose?

  • The introduction of Multiplayer Raid Bosses! Players above Level 2 will be able to challenge new Multiplayer Raid Bosses, these bosses have a shared healthpool and can only be bested through cooperation!
  • New Monsters and Events have been included into the forest, making it a more dangerous but rewarding adventure.
  • Several bug fixes and system tweaks.

What’s New?
Expansion 5 – Stairway to Ascension
A brand new area to explore, this mountain offers the greatest challenge yet!

  • Free to play – Congratulations listeners! The game is now 100% free!
    The raid boss in the forest was unintentionally hard to find, this issue has been fixed.
  • Variations to events in the forest now makes it less repetitive to explore.
    New enemies have been introduced to the mountain and forest.
    Totally redesigned combat engine, improving player feedback.
    A stamina system has been implemented, special attacks using stamina are now more powerful!
  • New skills and abilities have been added, unlock them by increasing your attributes.
  • A large number of bugs and fixes.

News & Updates

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From the Community


Just say “Alexa open Cursed Painting” and start on an amazing role playing adventure. #dnd #roleplay #rpg #cursedpainting #alexa #amazon #gaming #fun

♬ original sound - Caleb Levine

This episode of The Story Told Podcast features the game “The Cursed Painting” written and developed by Wanderword. Join Logan as he Henrik Lindfors and Peter Zetterberrg discus this innovative and exciting new style of gaming.


I stumbled upon this experience by accident and I was thoroughly impressed with the extremely high quality of the design. Fully voice-acted and built up with a full Dungeons and Dragons style skill, combat, and dice roll system, Cursed Painting was a joyful and curious experience all the way through this "preview" release of sorts. The sound effects and descriptive environments easily rival those of many high quality indie RPGs you might find on Steam. Playing this makes me marvel that this medium of game creation hasn't been explored to a greater degree thus far. I'll be eagerly awaiting the full release whenever it comes.

Kevin LAudio-play Dungeons & Dragons

First, I was impressed with how easy it is to access with any Alexa device. That may not seem like a big deal to some people but I am pretty busy so I look for fun stuff that's convenient to access. Second, the narrative was genuinely engaging and not just for me but for the rest of our household as well. Highly recommended!

Helen ZbihlyjFun for the family

My boys and I love this game! I could see this game being played for hours, especially since we all have to stay home! This is a great way to exercise the imagination.


Really impressive how well this works. Great fun




Do I need an Alexa to play this?

The Cursed Painting is available on a number of speakers and headphones but is reliant on the Alexa framework. For mobiles try looking for the Alexa app on your app-store of choice and enable Cursed Painting through the application.

Get Alexa on iOS      Get Alexa on Google Play

I can't start the game!

Unfortunately, The Cursed Painting is not available in every country just yet. We’re looking at translations, but are focusing on English speaking countries at the moment.

How can I contact Customer Support?

If you encounter any problems, feel free to email us at Our Customer Support Email.

About The Game

What are the differences between the background choices?

All backgrounds will have their unique flair to the narrative throughout the game, small story snippets depending on what your starting choice.
The thief starts with a bonus to Agility.
The adventurer starts with a bonus to Toughness.
And the Noble starts with a bonus to Power.

Are there special attacks in the game?

Sure there is!
At level three in any statistic, you’ll gain access to an ability, these will improve once you gain access to level five in any statistic.
Agility will allow you to perform a blinding strike in combat.
Power will allow you to perform a Power attack in combat.
Toughness will unlock regeneration which allows you to regain a bit of health after each combat.

In Game Commands

How do I know what my statistics are?

Try saying “Check Stats“.

Can I reroll a new character?

Sure! Restart the game at any time by saying “Restart”. This will, however, reset your entire progress, but allow you to try out other backgrounds and choices.

I totally missed an important piece of description!

You can say “Repeat” at anytime to have the Storyteller repeat its last couple of sentences.

Am I stuck in a dungeon until I finish it?

You can always say “Leave Dungeon” if you want to return to the surface.

How do I manage my equipment?

Say “Open Inventory” and equip newly found items from there.

I am on the brink of death!

You can increase your health by saying “Drink Healing Potion” – If you’re all out of them, try finding somewhere to sleep.

In a worst case scenario, try returning to the game in a while, you will regain health slowly over time while you’re not playing.