Poptale proudly presents an interactive audio game based on the Tales of Sasha book series by Alexa Pearl with illustrations by Paco Sordo.

Join Sasha on adventures in Verdant Valley. Challenge your friend Sasha to a race, jump hurdles and solve math problems along with various friendly forest creatures.

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Screen Free Entertainment

Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game provides educational entertainment with a ‘screen-free’ approach.

Developed with a ‘screen-free’ approach, Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game can be fully enjoyed without the need for a device with a screen. With high-quality soundscapes and audio design, the world of Tales of Sasha is brought to life.

Step into the magical world of Tales of Sasha, for an immersive sound experience! Simply use your voice when answering math problems and interacting with the story.

When played on a device with a screen, the voice-first approach to interaction is accompanied by artwork and graphics illustrated by Paco Sordo.

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